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Anonymous asked: Poc, specifically black ppl are not seen as equal. Duh, we are all equal, there is no superior race amongst us humans. I just think it is slightly more important to uplift races that are discriminated against than protecting the most privileged.

Oh ok, forgive my slight attitude lol… Idk , I don’t feel like it’s protecting them..I do uplift us black people but I just chose to blog about this certain thing. But I feel like uplifting only a specific one is what’s messing us up today. Idk

Anonymous asked: I respect ur opinion. No race can be generalized by a simple idea or statement. Obviously not all white ppl are racists. I just wonder why you're so concerned w wat is said or thought about white ppl. Like, they don't need a rep.

Because they’re people too. I have white aunts and cousins and mixed raced family members. I love ALL ethnicities. Because in reality sweetie we’re one race and that’s human. In the end we all die , we get hurt ALL of our blood is red. Lol im not being a “rep” or whatever you said

Anonymous asked: Can you really not tell the difference about people being frustrated with the prejudices inherent in the system and actual systemic racism that causes folk to be paid less, be more likely to be stuck in poverty, or, y'know, be killed?

Yes I can definitely tell! And it’s a problem! I just don’t think it’s fair that people are acting like ALL white people are the same ( I.e. Saying none of them care about what’s happening in Ferguson when clearly you see them protesting as well) and I don’t think it’s fair the some white people say that all black people are the same. I’m just saying we’re so quick to judge one race and in all reality that’s what got us in this place today. And if we want a change we need to all look at what we’re doing and not what some one else is doing.